How to Get The Most Out of Guided Audio Meditations

One of the most important things that you can do is to allow yourself to get into really deep states of consciousness. This means being  able to effectively fade the chatter of your mind. Normally that can take a lot of years and Buddhist monks make a very serious practice  out of it.

There are many different things you can do to effectively drown out the chatter of your mind including ‘ego fading’ techniques.

Simply putting on a relaxing piece of music before you do your guided audio meditation will help you to get more effect out of the session  itself. Once you start conditioning to relax with certain resources (and even with the introductory part of audio meditations themselves),  you will find yourself more easily being able to get into deeper relaxed states without your mind getting in the way. This will effect a  deeper meditative experience.

It’s also important for getting out of the Beta ‘busy-ness’ of your mind and simply balancing out (including most all of the benefits of  traditional meditation).

If the guided audio meditation or hypnosis audio is intended to affect or influence a certain conscious energy of yours, you will want to  be aware of that before going into the session if you want faster results. Then you can start doing things with that conscious energy  before going into the guided meditation session to activate, engage, and the fact that energy even more during the session.

For example, if you are doing a hypnosis audio on releasing emotional trauma, it would be very wise of you to engage your emotional  conscious energy before you go into the hypnosis session itself, in other words I recommend that you simply get emotional and open up that  so you start feeling things before you go into the session. Pick a good emotional video like Christian the lion on YouTube to ‘warm up’ to  so it ends up being a more cathartic experience.

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