How to Experience Deeper Meditation Faster

If you are still new or intermediate to traditional meditation, you may be wondering how to have more of a deeper meditative  experience. You may still be struggling with focus and being able to silence your ego mind.

So how can you experience deeper meditation faster? Well we can talk about Zen meditation but that is a different subject. For now  let’s just talk about guided audio meditations. A good guided audio meditation or subliminal will actually help guide you into a  deeper, more relaxed state of consciousness.

It’s kind of like when you are listening to the radio, or into a really good song. What happens? It’s actually easier to focus because  the program itself literally becomes your experience. So in that way guided audio meditations actually help you to silence or ‘drown  out’ your mind on their own.

But how else can you really get into deeper states? This gets into more of an entire spiritual outlook on your personal growth. What I  recommend is to start doing a number of different techniques in your own Self Awakening.

With ego fading techniques alone you have literally hundreds of different ways to silence the chatter of your mind, to get into deeper  meditative states. Because we take a holistic approach to working with your consciousness, we are able to affect different energies  and use assistance to help have the real effect of a more silenced ego mind.

Something that is already thought-free like a good egoless video will help you to get into a more egoless state because of the law of  resonancy.

This means far less monkey mind chatter going on that is holding you back from the benefits of meditation. Another one of the  important things that you can do is actually to start conditioning more egoless states of consciousness. If you think about that, this  is exactly what Buddhist monks are doing, they just do not call it conditioning.

When you start conditioning ego fading, breathing and other techniques with different styles of meditation, it becomes much easier for  you to get into a deeper, more relaxed state of consciousness.  At some point, the conditioning itself takes over as you spend more  time in those more natural, holistic states instead of the busy-mind Beta state.

In fact even on my own, I am finding that when I am discovering other new holistic techniques, I may have no experience with them  initially, but then all of a sudden because I’m conditioned into egoless states. With a net effect of being very present in Zen, I am  able to experience more of their intended healing effect in value.

So the more you meditate effectively, the easier it will be TO meditate and silence your mind. Again, guided audio meditations give  you a great advantage on their own but also to start making it easier for you to get into more relaxed states which will then pay off  in regular meditation sessions too.

So I really recommend to take an action oriented approach not just to meditation and deeper states of consciousness, but to all of  your healing and releasing and self transformation. In fact if you took all of this more seriously, you should be able to experience  legendary personal growth in record time!

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