Guided Audio Meditations & The LOA

Can using guided audio meditations actually help you with the law of attraction and getting more of what you want in life?

Here’s the thing, not all audio meditations are going to effectively help you with the law of attraction. When you consider that everything is energy and all you have to do is resonate on the level of that which you want or desire, you may have to start working more specifically in different areas of ‘self’ to release your blocks from resonating on the levels to tune into and receive that which you desire.

In fact that energy field of ‘desire’ and wanting itself is keeping you separate from receiving but that is an entirely different topic for now. I like to look at David Neagle‘s quote in this (my paraphrase),” everything you want already exists out there so instead of chasing it, you can literally just tune into it like the frequency of a radio station to have it appear.”

So it’s the process of getting yourself to resonate and tune into the frequencies of that which you would like to attract. By working on all of the spiritual or non-physical planes and clearing your conscious and subconscious energy blocks on those levels, then you are more powerfully able to manifest on the physical plane (or what most of us would call linear ‘reality’).

So when you consider with the Law of Attraction that everything is energy, when you become powerfully resonant on the spiritual, emotional, and mental levels; when what you want is feeling and resonating receiving there, you have far more power to actually attract and receive that which are holding in mind physically. This expansion of mind is simply greater consciousness with a holistic valuation; in other words not just what you are thinking but what you are feeling and sensing in your subject knowing of reality.

So now you can work in the sexual, emotional, spiritual and mental planes to clear your energy blocks and to tune into the resonant frequencies of that which you ‘desire’ whether it is money, resources, financial abundance, attracting a soulmate, etc. and really good audio meditations and a progressive holistic personal growth strategy will allow you to work in clearing out your energy blocks to resonate on higher frequencies to attract and receive everything you could want out of life.

Fortunately, this is a very practical thing to do and Mind Reel audio meditations (& video!) like Powerliminals will really help you to progressively clear out your energy blocks on all holistic levels of consciousness as well as move you from a lower field of desire into a more connected state of tuning in and receiving that which you would like to attract.

Not resonating on higher levels and in the right areas of consciousness may have been the only thing that has held you back from manifesting what you desire.  Start using audio meditations and you’ll find yourself resonating, then it’s just about communicating that energy to the world to receive anything you could imagine physically.

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