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Learn more about how audio meditations can help you to do more than just relax by affecting different parts of your conscious mind for personal growth, releasing, healing and spirituality

What is God? Who is God? [New Audio Meditation]

In religion we are brought up with a general idea of what or who God is.  Generally God is outside of us in the major religions.  Who is God?  The answer is subjective. Spirituality is more about a definition, understanding and experience of God from within us; a connection to the greater source of allness […]

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A More Expanded Outlook Into Healing And Consciousness With Guided Audio Meditations

Hypnosis audio and subliminals have been around for quite a while now and I think they’re only going to get more popular. Millions of Westerners are discovering Zen meditation, and as they find new ways to expand their experience they will also start looking into other ways to affect their consciousness like hypnosis, subliminals, brainwave […]

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Using Guided Audio Meditations As a Serious Personal Growth Tool

Once you understand how exciting and full of possibility that audio meditations are, you’re going to want to use them more often in your total personal and spiritual growth strategy. Guided audio meditations that do more than just affect your general subconsciousness but are really able to heal and release energy blocks in your sexual, […]

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