Can You Use Meditation For Different Areas of Healing and Transformation?

Zen meditation has a lot of spiritual and general holistic health benefits as you may already know, but what about targeting, healing and releasing other areas of your consciousness?

You may have already learned that gratitude is a powerful thing that you can do to release years of stress, pent-up tension and things which are actually affecting your holistic health and your heart. And there are other holistic or energy healing therapies.

But wouldn’t it be really cool if you could do something like a gratitude ‘meditation’ or a compassionate ‘heart’ meditation to heal on those levels?

Well the good news is now you can! Guided audio meditations have an advantage in that they can specifically target different areas of your consciousness to have the healing and effective releasing that you are looking for. Often this kind of targeted transformation simply isn’t possible with traditional Zen meditation which to a large extent is spiritual and not emotional or sexual.

Guided audio meditations really become advantageous when you consider that you have sexual, spiritual, emotional, and mental conscious energy in your subjective experience. You could even consider those areas of consciousness as ego, as egoless areas of personal experience.

And guess what?  They are!  These are all spiritual energies in the sense that they are non-physical.
You can’t ‘touch’ them but you can surely feel, sense, experience and ‘know’ them. They’re invisible but they’re such a part of life. And yes you can actually meditate in each of these areas as well.
There is emotional meditation and sexual meditation (not just spiritual meditation).

And since you can feel emotional, sexual, spiritual energy in your consciousness, by targeting each of these areas you are able to heal in them specifically. This is possible when you have a good holistic or energy healer, and experienced therapist, or a really good guided audio meditation that knows how to work in each of these areas of energy.

Since our guided audio meditations acknowledge and are aware of the different types of conscious energies that you may have blocks in (beyond just a general alpha or beta state), you are now able to use guided meditation for specifically healing, releasing and transformation in deeper and cross relevant areas of self–consciousness.

If you are already doing Zen meditation I encourage you to absolutely continue, it is awesome; you may just want to look into and discover more guided meditations and releasing in your other areas of self and the awesomeness of what it can do for your personal and spiritual growth.

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