Can You Really Do Audio Meditation If You’re Religious?

As you may be aware of, meditation has been growing and is very popular in the West. Now millions of us Westerners are into Zen meditation  (and yoga), but if you are new to it then you may still have some reservations especially if you’re religious.

It may help to understand that meditation is actually a very simple concept that is independent from any religion. People from all  different kinds of religions can be into traditional meditation.

In fact, the only thing that may be holding you back is your own beliefs about it. Although traditional meditation may not be endorsed or  accepted to a larger extent in Catholic, Muslim or Christian communities, it is a practice that you can do on your own time.

And yes of course you can dive into guided audio meditations even if you are religious. I grew up as a Protestant Christian, and now many  others and I are now starting to see more of the value that is available to directly help ourselves.

Meditations simply help you to heal and release different things which may be holding you back and affecting your holistic health and  quality of life.  With an audio meditation you just sit back and let it help heal you on certain levels of consciousness that aren’t  always accessible to you.  It may be a tool you want to discover in addition to prayer.

Even with guided audio meditations, they will very rarely conflict with your religious views. They’re really about accessing and healing  you on different parts of your subjective experience with a good, simple intent.

In a way it is actually an advantage that guided meditations are free from any religious influence because of their universal affect that  makes them cross-applicable worldwide.

The main thing you may have to overcome is your own religion’s perception towards things which could be seen as more Eastern or spiritual  in this kind of sense. It will still require a little more of an adventurous outlook if it’s not supported in your religious or church  community.

So I hope you will start looking into meditation and guided audio meditations if you had previously sustained any reservations. Use them  as a supplement to prayer to work on clearing out energy blocks in certain areas of your self.

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