How can audio meditation decrease your risk of disease?

When we look at stress and consider that any negative feelings, anger, resentment, and unforgiveness you are holding in your emotional energy can actually affect your immune system and even cause disease, it becomes really important to look at effective ways to release all of the stress in your life.   And this goes well […]

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Should you relax or engage your energies during guided meditations?

The common approach to subliminals or hypnosis audio meditation, is to simply relax and get into a deeper state of consciousness. But there is an even faster way to experience more progressive healing, releasing and transformation. And that is to be even more conscious and engaged in the experience.   With Powerliminals, you can either […]

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How to make meditation easy with audio

Are you still having difficulty silencing your monkey mind when it comes to meditation? Sure meditation has a lot of benefits and advantages but what if you just cannot silence your chattering mind?   Fortunately, guided audio meditations make it easy for you to get the benefits out of meditation with less literal fighting against […]

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Why don’t all subliminals and hypnosis audios always work?

If you’ve been using subliminals and audio hypnosis for quite some time but are still not experiencing the promised results, what gives?   We know that hypnosis audios are supposed to get you into a deeper, more suggestive state of mind. It’s in this deeper state of consciousness that you are supposed to release your […]

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A Major Reason Your Subliminals and Self-Help Approach ISN’T Working

…and how to FINALLY breakthrough with massive personal growth and manifesting what you desire. If you’re stuck with experiencing real progress, I bet it’s because they are ego-driven!   It’s hard for your non-conscious mind to go against itself and believe in your ego’s selfish desires when these are very spiritual energies.¬† This¬† creates resistance. […]

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